Kazakhstani Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko Marries His Sex Doll Margo After 18 Month Relationship

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A Kazakh body builder and his sex doll have made their love official in front of friends and family in a romantic, albeit highly unusual, wedding ceremony.

Yuri Tolochko has taken to social media to share a video and happy snaps of the occasion, with the bride dressed in a plunging white lace gown alongside the proud groom in a black tuxedo.

The couple posed for professional photos before celebrating their nuptials with drinking and dancing.

Tolochko, who identifies as pansexual and describes himself as an 鈥渁thlete, art worker, blogger and sexy maniac鈥 in his Instagram bio, has been dating his now-wife Margo for two years.

The pair have apparently been inseparable since they met in a nightclub when Tolochko stepped in when she was being attacked by a man.

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