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We’ve reviewed many sex dolls but now we finally review a MALE sex doll.

This is a male sex doll from Finelovedolls.

We’ve done reviews of good legit brand name sex dolls and we’ve also done reviews on cheaper NON brand name dolls.

This male sex doll is a brand name TOP quality male sex doll by Irontechdoll sex dolls.

We’ll give you our HONEST review of the sex toys we show.
And even though neither of us is gay, we’re going to do our best on this male sex doll review.

This sex doll is 5’ 4” Tall and Made of Flesh Like TPE material. Feels pretty realistic and weighs about 80 pounds.

The doll features a Metal skeleton with poseable head, neck, fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and hips.

You can Choose from a 6 or 7 inch penis. It also comes with 2 detachable penises. One is soft and the other is erect.

There are options to add hair to the torso, belly, face or even pubes. You can also choose optional heads, wigs, eye color.

You can even get optional tattoos which is pretty cool.

The butthole is actually almost 8 inches deep and you CAN have anal sex with it.

The mouth hole is 7 inches deep so you can simulate a blowjob.

You can have sex with this male sex doll Doggie style, Missionary, Standing riding, and even 69 style sex.

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